Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wondering Where To Start

Hello there! I've been considering starting a blog for a while but just did not know where to start.  Thoughts passing through my mind like clouds across a deep blue summer sky - who will want to read it? what would they want to see or hear about?  Well I'm sure a direction of travel will reveal itself and along the way I will share with you pictures and musings of a life on the East Coast, the art work I do and the influences of the beautiful surroundings here on the Saltmarshes.

Oh, I should probably mention why A Hare's Breath, well it was by A Hair's Breadth that we arrived here 9 years ago having uprooted from Herts. We moved into the cottage a week before our daughter was born and three days before our son started senior school.  Our intentions to move to Wiltshire  didn't work out so we put a pin in the map and here we are.  Also, a Hare is a symbol of the old Goddess and one of my favourite animals.  Whilst on the train early one cold, frosty morning,  a Hare was sitting quietly on the saltmarsh watching the train rumble by, as she turned,  her breath was visible on the chilly morning air. This small vision had such a profound affect on me, for some reason, I felt we had made the right decision to settle here.  So a little play on words and something meaningful to me.

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