Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hungry for market delicacies....

An almond ring from our little market ... really yummy with a strong coffee taken outside on the patio in the sun and some 'French' kitchen sacks I made which make me think of Provence. 

It is sunny and breezy here on the east coast so I decided to wash all my old linens and peg them out with some jaunty pegs I found in the local hardware store. Old dolly pegs would probably suit better but these ones made me smile.  I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.


  1. Food and craft ideas ha ha I love it already Victoria and there is nothing as beautiful as a line of vintage linen.
    Big Hugs and good luck, I just love the title xxx
    Lynn xxx

  2. oh thank you so much for your comment Lynn, I'm chuffed ! Made my day xxx