Monday, 29 June 2015

cool beach walk

A cool breeze blew across the beach as we studied the Anglo Saxon Fishing Weirs on Bradwell beach.

The beach is entirely made of shells and this time I was attracted to grey ones..
and a few white ones....
and some teeny tiny ones.. so beautiful..

lovely colours and textures

Being on the beach always puts me in a quiet, reflective mood. I don't want to talk or move too quickly.  Elements of nature wash my soul and free my spirit reconnecting with all that has been and all that will be as time is circular not linear...

little lady gets a blue manicure, beach style....
Seaside Style by Taschen covered by me in vintage linens
and a felted bag I made to carry it all in..
What do you like most about being on a beach?


  1. I love beaches and yours is so pretty and interesting, do you have any seaweeds at low tide? I also love the fishing weirs, I must find out some more about them. Your bag is a lovely mix of shore and sea very pretty.
    Hugs Lynn x

  2. Thank you Lynn. Yes we do have lots of seaweeds, bladderwrack and others which I have yet to identify. Some years ago I started felting a 'strand line' which has lots of inclusions in it, it still needs lots of work but Ill try to put a pic up if I can remember where I put it. An amazing local felter, Frances Austin-Hardy felted some weirs a few years back and exhibited them in Braintree.. they were enormous installations about 4 ft high. I cant find out much about Frances but she's truly talented in her art. Thank you for your comments,, it is hard starting out wondering where this will all lead... love V xxx