Monday, 29 June 2015

cool beach walk

A cool breeze blew across the beach as we studied the Anglo Saxon Fishing Weirs on Bradwell beach.

The beach is entirely made of shells and this time I was attracted to grey ones..
and a few white ones....
and some teeny tiny ones.. so beautiful..

lovely colours and textures

Being on the beach always puts me in a quiet, reflective mood. I don't want to talk or move too quickly.  Elements of nature wash my soul and free my spirit reconnecting with all that has been and all that will be as time is circular not linear...

little lady gets a blue manicure, beach style....
Seaside Style by Taschen covered by me in vintage linens
and a felted bag I made to carry it all in..
What do you like most about being on a beach?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hungry for market delicacies....

An almond ring from our little market ... really yummy with a strong coffee taken outside on the patio in the sun and some 'French' kitchen sacks I made which make me think of Provence. 

It is sunny and breezy here on the east coast so I decided to wash all my old linens and peg them out with some jaunty pegs I found in the local hardware store. Old dolly pegs would probably suit better but these ones made me smile.  I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Wondering Where To Start

Hello there! I've been considering starting a blog for a while but just did not know where to start.  Thoughts passing through my mind like clouds across a deep blue summer sky - who will want to read it? what would they want to see or hear about?  Well I'm sure a direction of travel will reveal itself and along the way I will share with you pictures and musings of a life on the East Coast, the art work I do and the influences of the beautiful surroundings here on the Saltmarshes.

Oh, I should probably mention why A Hare's Breath, well it was by A Hair's Breadth that we arrived here 9 years ago having uprooted from Herts. We moved into the cottage a week before our daughter was born and three days before our son started senior school.  Our intentions to move to Wiltshire  didn't work out so we put a pin in the map and here we are.  Also, a Hare is a symbol of the old Goddess and one of my favourite animals.  Whilst on the train early one cold, frosty morning,  a Hare was sitting quietly on the saltmarsh watching the train rumble by, as she turned,  her breath was visible on the chilly morning air. This small vision had such a profound affect on me, for some reason, I felt we had made the right decision to settle here.  So a little play on words and something meaningful to me.